Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cannery Update

The signups for Salsa and Spaghetti Sauce will open on May 7th @ 6:05 a.m. (That’s right! You can sleep an extra 5 minutes!!! No need to say Thank You.)

Keep this email so you will have the links to sign up when the time comes!!

Ø There will be a limit of 6 cases per person for each product and both products will cost $15.00/case of 12 pint jars (16 oz).

Ø You are only allowed to sign up for one shift per person.

Ø If you are not ordering the full limit, please only schedule one person per household to be fair to others.

Ø If you are helping a 2nd person sign up, it must be under a different name. Duplicate registrations (2nd entry with the same name) will be deleted so others will have the chance to sign up.

Please pay special attention to the FDA rules on how to dress for your shift. The weather will be warm by that time (fingers crossed, prayers answered) and you will be tempted to wear shorts and sandals/flip-flops. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS OR SANDALS/FLIP-FLOPS TO YOUR SHIFT. We have some real fashion-statement boots that you will be asked to wear—that many other people have also worn—if you do not comply.

Those scheduling for the 1st day of any product will have to come back at a later, specified date (see instructions on the link) to pick up their product.

Salsa Links (for preview only until May 7th):

Spaghetti Sauce Links (for preview only until May 7th):

THOSE WHO WERE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR JAM: Reminders for your shifts will be sent on Thursday, April 28th or Friday, April 29th. Please make sure that the date and time listed on the reminder is when you thought you were coming and be sure that you are still able to fill this shift. If there is a conflict, please go to the sign-up link and UNDO your shift so those who are waiting to sign up can fill your spot.

THOSE WHO ARE WAITING FOR AN OPPORTUNITY TO SIGN UP FOR JAM: Return to the links often to see if spots have become available. You are looking for a box that says “Schedule this shift” on a day (link) and time (signup column) that you are available to come and work. There will either be a name with an UNDO box or a “Schedule This Shift” box in each available spot. If you see any blank boxes, it means we did not need that spot on that shift.

If you go to the website and it says “This Sign-up is Currently Closed”, that is when you need to call the Cannery (801-785-0998) to cancel your shift or check for available openings.

Jam Links: